Generating the highest probable drill targets with AI

Our technology works for all metals including copper, nickel, lithium, gold, silver, cobalt, platinum and uranium among others.

How Windfall Geotek AI Targeting Technology Works

Windfall Geotek AI targeting technology analyzes geological data from various sources to generate the highest probable drill targets. Our technology works for all metals including copper, nickel, lithium, gold, silver, cobalt, platinum and uranium among others. We take geological data from a variety of sources including drill holes and rock samples, publicly available sources and others to build models that can predict with high accuracy where a particular metal or group of metals are likely to be found, greatly improving the success of exploration programs.

Benefits of AI

Our Strategic Advantage

Our platform makes exploration more efficient, less costly and increases success rates.

Our technology uses machine learning to process large quantities of data to predict zones with the desired mineralization.

With the information in hand, you can drill with a higher chance of finding what you are looking for and decrease the risks of drilling missed holes.

With Windfall Geotek AI, our partners can greatly increase the success rate of their greenfield and brownfield exploration programs and have a higher chance of extending mine life or making discoveries that lead to new mines.

proven track record

Prior Discoveries

Our partners around the world put their trust in us to apply our skills, expertise, and leading AI technology platform to unearth new discoveries that create value for their stakeholders including shareholders. We are proud of the positive impact our platform has had. Here are some highlights:

  • Analyzed data to help Canada Nickel Company identify zones of mineralization in 2019 & 2020 prior to their drilling program, which were confirmed by drilling and lead to a significant nickel discovery near Timmins, Ontario.
  • AI identified zones of gold mineralization for the Bachelor Lake Mine in 2010 leading to 25m of 10.2g/t gold that are being mined today
  • Our AI technology uncovered new unexplored areas that contained mineralized zones, leading Typhoon Exploration to make new discoveries.
Continuous innovation

R&D Projects

Innovation is deeply embedded in our company’s DNA. So is helping to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our technology has applications outside of mining. In various parts of the world, land mines represent a significant risk to severe injury and death.

We are working closely with our partner and have the desire to build a land mine detection solution to create safer communities. We are currently under early stage R&D.

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