Zero in on high probability targets using AI

We have the proven technology and expertise to pinpoint targets that deliver positive drill results. The future of mineral exploration is now.

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What if you knew exactly what was in the ground, and where?

Mineral exploration is challenging and costly. What if you knew what was in the ground at any given location? Windfall Geotek delivers technology that leverages artificial intelligence to transform geological data into new discoveries. Our state-of-the-art technology identifies areas with high statistical probability of containing mineral deposits. Confidently pinpoint drill targets that contain the minerals you are searching for.


Our potential is innovative, disruptive, & built on proven success

Windfall Geotek (formerly Albert Mining) is a leading Canadian technology company reshaping the way natural resources are discovered globally. Our innovative technology leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly improve outcomes in the exploration, development, operations and financing of geologically focused projects.

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We work with producing and early-stage mining companies to unearth new discoveries that extend mine life or lead to new operations. 

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Our system is increasing the rate of new projects. Save time and money by guessing less and drilling more successful targets. 

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