A new era for exploration

The rate of new discoveries is on the decline and finding new economical deposits is becoming more challenging. Investors are seeking lower risk and smarter investment options. It’s time to do things differently. 

A modern approach

Windfall Geotek is modernizing the mineral exploration process.

We utilize artificial intelligence to help companies unearth new cost-effective discoveries. Our state-of-the-art system, CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System), simplifies the process by analyzing large quantities of geological data to identify zones with high potential for the discovery of mineral deposits, significantly reducing the costs of exploration programs.

Innovation that dents the industry

We recognize that discoveries are the first step in the resource development life cycle.

With our system you can also develop financial models to analyse variables that affect the development of projects including changes in mineral market value, equipment depreciation and repair cost milestones, insurance, human resource and regulatory changes.